Through NZME, I was contracted by hair and beauty company, OFF & ON,  to write two long-form advertorials that were published in the NZ Herald


September 2018

When OFF & ON opened its first ‘brow bar’ 10 years ago, there was more than a few raised eyebrows. Now, a decade later, it is hard to imagine not seeing a specialist brow artist, as the rise of the brow and the rise of the selfie have literally changed our view of the face and beauty. So after 10 years dedicated to taking hair off and on, OFF & ON decided to celebrate the beloved eyebrow with New Zealand’s first hairy habits survey. Here’s what we learnt about Kiwi women and their brows;


Brows are now big… (ger) in shape, in the importance placed on them and the investment they now receive in upkeep.   No longer left to just a ‘quick tidy up’ when lying on the bed for a once in a blue moon facial, three out of every four women saying that they wax, pluck and shape their brows as part of their personal grooming routine. The upkeep is no surprise after 80% of women said great eyebrows were all it takes to give them that little boost of confidence. And, despite our number-8 wire mentality, kiwi women tend to prefer leaving the shaping and tinting of their brows to the professionals. 


Over the years fashion trends come and go (rhinestone denim and halter tops anyone?), and the brow department is no different. From the Megan Fox hyper-arch to Cara Delevingne’s full and fluffy, there’s nothing like a fashuuuun eyebrow. Although, according to OFF & ON co-founder Nicky Shore, most of us are smart enough to know that, like those rhinestone jeans, what suits a celeb may not be the best look for us, with kiwi women now able to articulate that they want their brow to be the best brow for their face.  Brow-spiration comes from a variety of muses rather than one ‘definite’ look from the naturally fine Kate Middleton to the more structured Kimmy K.  


As the latest trend to hit the eyebrow industry, there is still some mystery around microblading or feather stroke tattoo.  Feather stroke is a semi-permanent method, where pigment is injected in fine hair-like lines to blend seamlessly with your existing brow hair (if any).   With the boom in this technique, there is an abundance of places, options and prices.  This is a big investment, has permanence, and is on your face!   So, our advice?  Do your homework, make sure you get a consultation with a qualified professional, ask for examples of work, and make sure you know if you really need this procedure to achieve what you want.  In many cases with time, patience and the right artist you can coax your brows to their natural best. 


So if you have got cold feet about commitment, check out our temporary tricks to brush up your brows!